Hyogo’s father lost in sea. it’s been 10 years and for all this time he managed to light the spirit his father taught him. That’s why Hyogo wants to save people. He’s now a civil servant who work for Sea Security department. Everyday, there are about 7 accident in the sea and those guys are the first secure team to solve the problem. Well, they’re just an ordinary savior if you compare them with Tokkyu. Tokkyu stands for Tokushukyuunantai (Special Rescue Team). It consists of elites from all over Japan whose speacialty in Sea Rescuing. Yeah, it’s the Sea SWAT.i42710
Hyogo is very impressed after seeing the fast rescuing from Sanada Jin, the head of Tokkyu’s team. Now he’s aiming to get into the squad. Well, it’s going to be a tough battle…

I always love the rescuing story. It reminds me that people in manga work better than in real life. I don’t even know that there are characters like Hyogo in reality. I mean, civil servant in our country don’t work their ass betting their own life for others. That’s prejudice, yes. So, prove me wrong!
Because I do think that civil servant should be respected for their hard work just like in manga (talk about Tokkyu, Ministry of Finance, Kunimitsu or Fire Fighter Daigo).

Download is available at mD-xD

My Rating: chick327


7 thoughts on “Tokkyu

  1. I’ve just read this series on Shonen Magz on my country, Indonesia. There was one part where the story were located on my city, Jakarta (Jin Sanada was assigned to train and build Tokkyu team in Indonesia). Oh my god, it was so authentic, the culture, the building. Compared to other manga (and some western/American — and even middle-east/Kuwait comics), this was the first time Jakarta were described in so authentic way on the foreign comic.

    1. I know! isn’t it amazing? in fact, Indonesia has been favorite spots in many stories, like in FireFighter Daigo. Daigo goes to Indonesia to save his teacher who caught in Forest fire. CMB also mentioned Kalimantan in one of the chapter where Shinra meets old shaman who knows much about medication. Well, I believe Indonesia is an exotic place people want to visit.

  2. really?
    i tought they didnt draw indonesia, and just the word “indonesia” that’s out from the characters mouth…

    im from Bandung, the city near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia…
    in what volume did tjey tell jakarta/draw jakarta???

    1. In Tokkyu, it’s said that Sanada is being transferred to Indonesia. While in Fire fighter Daigo, at the last 3 volumes, Daigo goes to Sumatra ( Lampung, if I’m not mistaken) to save Ochiai sensei.
      But, I don’t think Bandung has been mentioned in any fire fighter manga. Does Bandung has large forest?

  3. I am from Indonesian too. This my favorit comic. I already read this series in tankoubon till volume 20 (Last Volume). I like sea very much, so I like this comic very much…Sorry if my english is bad hehehe

    1. This is such a nice manga. Despite of having bad drawing, I still read it. *kinda forget how it end, though*

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