Joi no Tamago

joiBeing a doctor is surely tough. Noriko Tsukishima and her colleagues at Nippori Women University have to deal with many things such as hard test, full time study and human relation. They have to be serious while they’re young and need free time to socialize. Every occasion should be used as good as they can to find good guy. Thank God, Noriko finds her idol at her part time shop, Ubukata Sensei. Being a cool and handsome doctor, Noriko falls in love instantly. When the time has come to be apprentice at the same hospital, Noriko think her chance has come to get closer. But, the relationship between doctors in same hospital is forbidden.  O o!!!

The art design is beautiful, clear and neat. It’s definitely a shoujo. Hmm…talking about smart women, most of them are not beautiful, right? Many beautiful women are presumed stupid for acting so bitchy. They say, “Beautiful face and good head could never be in one woman.” Our heroine Noriko is a good example here. She’s cute but she doesn’t make up. I think every woman is beautiful, but some loose their appearance and other maximize it with make up. And the make ups that make difference. Highly intellectual women don’t use party make up to office, they love minimalist. Don’t you agree?

My Rating: chick419


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