Eensy Weensy Monster

Satsuki Nanoha is just an average high school student. She’s average in study, sport and also in appearance. She always hangs around two top students: Renge and Nobara. Her nurturance attitude is her plus that make people doesn’t want to hurt her.
However, she’s completely hate Tokiwa Hazuki. That guy has been popularly called Prince for his cute face. Girls are rounding him everytime. Though he has cute face, he’s actually very narcis. People only surronding to enjoy his face but none wants to be his girlfriend.
One day, Nanoha can’t control the litle devil inside her and tell him how much she hates him. It shocks the prince. for months he keeps trying to digests what Nonaha said. And it makes him realize that this girl is different from anyone he knows all along. Soon, he admires her…

This is a very unique story. I can’t say it. No hard conflict. It’s just an ordinary days life that you might even encounter every day. This is how real the story is. Oh come on, real life is not hard right? Most story just dramatize every scene to satisfy our boring life.
If you’re looking for something light yet realistic, then this one may be a good choice.

Please visit a willfulmuse for download.

My Rating: chick419


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