Dengeki Daisy

i61035After her brother’s death last year, Teru has to be strong. She’s supposed to be relying on Daisy, her brother’s friend. But, she tries to look strong to prevent him from worrying. However, her life is quite difficult. Being a scholarship student, she’s been bullied by the rich students. At that moment, she can only turn to Daisy. He’s a great hacker and helps her solving many computer problems.
But, the one who stays beside her is this devil school caretaker, Tasuku Kurosaki. He’s mean and always tortures Teru to do his works. Wearing the mask of a demon, Kurosaki takes care of the girl in his own way. It would be amazing if Teru never realize how good he is. She, then, starts grow a feeling for him.

Motomi Kyousuke sensei is one of my favorite mangaka. She can make simple life scenes into dramatic one while keeping me laugh. And most important thing is that she loves promoting tough girl’s character. If only they made it into live action movie/dorama, they must choose Maki (Horikita) as the actress.

You can download it from ochibichan

My Rating: chick419


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