i41708Takeshi Jinno’s life is changed after seeing a kungfu movie. He’s completely obsessed already. One day, the kungfu star Karen Lie is coming to take scenes in Japan. Takeshi try peeking the production but end caught for sneaking around. But, in front of the director he shows his kung fu training and that guy is impressed. He asks Takeshi to take the stuntman’s role and even invite him to go to Hong Kong to start career as Kung Fu star.
Filled with enthusiasm, Takeshi flies to Hong Kong. But, the director’s production house is already backrupt. Takeshi even lost his bags and all the money inside. Now, he’s alone in a country he couldn’t understand the language yet. However, he doesn’t give up. He looks for a production house and shows the director his skill. Soon he’s recuited as members. But, his long journey to be a kung fu star has just begin….

Have you notice that this manga is written by Takeshi Maekawa sensei. But, don’t worry it’s not about Chinmi. ha ha..I love Chinmi but people would get tired seeing him in every Maekawa sensei’s work, right?

My Rating: chick327


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