Plastic Girl

Plastic GirlThe cute and stylish Maya is just this close to be a good model if only she can act well in front of the camera. She can get rid of her nervousness. It’s Pierre’s lunch box that makes her calm. Pierre is surely a cute boy. He’s like a real prince. But that Prince is the one who call her Busaiku (Inattractive). Whuaaaaaaah it breaks Maya’s heart. However, Pierre shows her how to become a real model: by enjoying herself.


I really think there’s a savior for each of us. Whenever we’re in pinch, there’ll be a hand to help. But, we never know who’s that. It could be your parents, friends or even a stranger. Sometimes we realize it too late so we forget to say thank you. The point is you’ll never be alone. Naa…I’m making this review so melodramatic. sorry. This is just my feeling after reading the first chapter. The story itself is nothing original. It bored me. However, the art is cute and clean. You can download it from Intercross

My Rating: chick327


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