Negaigoto 300000 kms

NegaigotoOnce when Taichi and Meguru were just a small kids, they saw a shooting star. Under that night sky they made wishes. Taichi wanted to be a baseball player and Meguru dreamt of becoming an archeologist.
As time passed by, Meguru is about to achieve her dream. She’ll be leaving their hometown to go to university in Tokyo. On the other hand, Taichi would just lose his dream. He has to help his parent running the family business. That’s why Taichi supports Meguru’s dream so much.
It’s a sweet story. Yes, it’s a love story and a clear meaning of love. When you love someone you wish her the best. Just because you’re out of your track, it doesn’t mean that you have to drag her with you. I think Taichi is a real gentleman. whuaaaaa where do I find someone like that? No no…I just stick with Takagi Fujimaru. What? Don’t you know that this manga is created by Megumi Kouji, the author of Bloody Monday!

You can download this oneshot from I manga Scans

My Rating: chick327


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