Full Metal Alchemist

“No venture no gain”

I was hesitate to read it because of the rough drawing. But, this is one of the most popular manga ever since Arakawa sensei releases it in 2002.

Alchemist doesn’t believe in God. It’s the type of human who can only think logically. It’s the type of life Edward and Alphonso Elric choose. To bring back their mother alive, they cross the God’s territoy causing severe damage to themselves. However, this experiment failed. What they brought into life could not be called human. As return, Al disappear and Ed lost his leg. Ed can’t take losing another family, so he transfer Al’s soul into an armor.

Now, they have another mission: bringing back their old body back. To do that, they need powerful tool, like philosopher’s stone. It’s a rare item.

Ed offers himself to be government’s alchemist so that he get more privilege searching that amazing stuffs. But, they’re not the only one chasing it. Many people with the thought of eternal life are also after it!

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My Rating: chick419


3 thoughts on “Full Metal Alchemist

  1. That’s what I thought for the first time. I don’t like the drawing. But, they keep reviewing it everywhere, so I try reading it. Well, it’s smart! The scenes are shown perfectly one after another. Have you read the first volume?

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