Sword & Cornett

SCPrince Belca feels so boring living in this tortures kingdom. He’s the third son and everybody is badmouthed him because he was born from a dancer mother. It seems unnecessary to continue living in this palace. However, both of his brothers are very nice to him. The crown prince Hector even suggests him to study abroad to release his stress. But, the next day his dear brother is murdered. The conflict is getting tense as the prince try to pull out unpopular issue of discrimination.

The art is so beautiful. It’s soft and clear. I love it. I thought it was just a war story, but it’s deep and loveable. It reminds me of Adarshan no Hanayome where Prince Alexid is also isolated from the royal blood because he’s commoner mom.

Reading this story bites me that even though people hate you, there’ll always people who love you. You can’t have everybody being nice to you, as well as you can’t have people having grudge on you. So, anyone who thinks he’s a loser may absolutely an idiot who can’t see the wide world. Isn’t it nice if we can always think positively? Please visit I eat manga to download this awesome manga.

My Rating: chick419


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