Sakurahime Kaden

Sakurahime_After being enganged for 14 years, Princess Sakura has to marry Prince Oura. It’s a normal thing to do in Heian Era. But, the 14 years old maiden is in stressed. She doesn’t want to play the political ritual like that. She wants to decide her own love (just like any other heroine I ever read). based on the impression she gets from Prince Oura’s messenger, Aoba sama, that prince has bad attitude (just like the servant).

On the same time, she has to worry about her life. She’s been cursed by demon. If she looks up to the full moon, it would discover her. And that would be the end of her life.

How stupid of her. She was just trying to run away from home when she glanced at that full moon and suddenly the satellite turns into monster and call her, “I found you, Princess Kaguya!”Sakurahime_ch01_p001

Who is Princess Kaguya? And why does she has to be chased by that ugly creature?

Oh, this is just another Kamikaze Kaito Jeane type manga. Tanemura sensei seems to love this kind of genre. I prefer not to read the next chapter, because it’s boring. But, you can download this manga from aerandria

My Rating: chick327


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