Hyoutenka no Maria

This is a project by Clozed MadnezzHyoutenka no Maria

Katagiri Miona finds a young man sleeps on the snow on her way to cram school. No, he’s not dead. In fact, he’s an aggresive weird man who then ask her to amusing park. He claims to be Rikuya, a murder and an elite university student. He’s surely smart and jokes a lot. Miona falls in love instantly. But, what if he’s really a murderer?

Love IS for the lucky and the strong one. And also for stupid people. It’s way out of custom for a young girl to get along with a strange man, right? Though she says elite things, she doesn’t behave that elite. Or is it just the culture in Japan?
But, it’s true that she gets a boyfriend right away. ha ha ha
sorry for the sarcastic comment. I don’t like Minami Kanan and I think this is not a smart story.

My rating:chick12


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