Atashinchi no danshi

i58148Mineta Chisato is a homeless girl who has been chased by loan shark because her father’s huge debt. One day, she’s saved by encentric millionaire named Ohkura Shinzo. Shinzo san paid all her debt, but in return she had to be his wife for a month. But, after a month, the guy died and Chisato meets another task: she has to be the mother for Shinzo’s 6 adopted sons. Each of them bear different problematic life. Fuu, the first son is a sly and playboy type who has dozens of girlfriends. The second son, Takeru is still a bike gangster at his 27th age. Next, there is Sho who works as a host who secretly have a son. Then, the 4th son is Masaru, a charisma model who apparently have woman phobiac, while the next brother Satoru has been shutting in his room for almost a year. The younger brother is Akira who’s cold but smart.

Shinzo san wished that Chisato could bring these people to feel the warm of family. Can Chisato fulfill the dream?

This is the manga created based on the famous dorama, Atashinchi no Danshi. I’m not recommended anyone who has watch the drama to read this one, because it feels like watching the drama…in fast forward. ha ha ha

but, the art is beautiful ( as beautiful as the ikemen in dorama). It seems like Mijono sensei made this manga while the show was still on air. She even had the chance to interview Horikita Maki and got her draft read by Yamamoto Kouji ( the actor who played Tokita).

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9 thoughts on “Atashinchi no danshi

  1. well, I’ve been searching all over the place and it seems like none had doing the scanlation. sorry

    but, you can borrow my

  2. I’ve noticed it has been two years since your post but it’s now 2011 and I still can’t find ” Atashinchi no Danshi “manga scans anywhere…do you know where I can read it online? I’ve searched a lo of manga websites but no luck and sorry to bother ya but I’m hoping there’s a chance you might know where.

    1. Sou, desu ka? hmm…I’ve already checked anywhere but it seems like nobody taking this project, yet. Too bad. sorry

      1. Hi πŸ™‚

        I’ve done some checking too and couldn’t find any raws to Atashinchi no danshi. Perhaps that’s also the reason why no scanlation group has picked it up yet. I also would like to see this manga scanlated so if you guys have the raws or know where to find one, let me know. We’d be more than happy to scanlate atashinchi no danshi.

        manga scanlation staff

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