Sora Log

Hikaru loves the sky. It’s bright and warm. And suddenly a guy comes from the  sky. He’s tall and had a bleached hair. Everytime they met, Hikaru hears a nice  tone she thought to be the sound of sky. His name is Asou, the notorious  guy who’s -on the contrary from the rumours-always help that clumsy Hikaru.  Is it the mystery of him that attract her? Is it because he-somehow-  resembles the sky? It’s hard to explain but the feeling is real.Sora_Log


This is another Aerandria project. And why do I only have the first chapter? I  can’t remember much…hmm is it because somebody gave this to me? It’s kinda  sweet story and I agree with Lacaille (the proofreader), the relationship  between Hikaru and her overprotective brother is amusing!


My Rating:chick327


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