Otogibanashi no Fude

OtogibanashiThe village Yuukei live in has been blessed by God. He is assigned to guard the sacred tree which is the center of all blessing. There are letters written on the roots of the tree. Yuukei tries many things to understand it. One day, he accidentally cast an open spell and a god comes from inside the root. She claims to be the Water God.
She has been kept inside for almost 300 years. That’s the beginning of prosperity in the village. An ancestor named Hanabuki summoned her at that moment to save the land from misery. 7 years they had been partner, but then villagers became worried that The Water God would leave when Hanabuki died. So, the man sealed her inside in order to maintain the good season of the land.

Man and God’s relationship surely troublesome. It takes courage to break the spell. It takes sacrifice to open the eyes of truth.
I like this story. Is it ok to be happy above other’s misery? How cold isn’t it?

Please visit aerandria to download this manga.

My Rating:chick419

ehm…by the way it’s my 600th post!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!


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