Kimi wo Omofu

Uncle Iku has a cute little cat with sad memory.Kimi_wo_Omofu She’s named after the woman who dumbed him when he was young. It might be the last string attach him to love. He could not bear being left by the cat. I think it’s pathetic. But, who am I to judge? I’m just her little niece. There are so many things in adult world that I can’t understand.

Surprisingly, this manga only has 8 pages. But, it has deep meaning. I wouldn’t cry but I think you can feel Iku’s feeling. Being rejected never be a good memory. It feels like you’re qualified and that drives you to be minor part of the world. People like Iku find the reliever by having the cat. But, I think he’s just shutting in, right? There’s a big world out there and there are so many other women if only he would like to try new love. This is just as Yagyu Munenori sensei said in his book “The life giving Sword”, a disease is a stiffness. He sticks to the sad feeling that he doesn’t dare to broaden his horizon, open his heart and let it wander.

Download is available at aerandria

My Rating: chick327


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