Hitomi Kara Destiny

Hitomi_Kara_Destiny‘When it comes to love, you’ll have to risk your life for it’

Umi had a serious fever when she was little, but she was surprisingly recovered. In return, she has a mark with color of the ocean on her forehead. Now she’s a young girl who falls in love with the new transferred student, Sakamoto.

But, when she got home, a cocky little demon is waiting at her room. He’s tiny, wearing all black and claims to be Neo-sama, the demon prince. He was the one who lend magic power to heal her years ago. And now he’s taking back what he gives. However, Umi may have her wish granted before the devil takes her life. So, Neo helps her to win Sakamoto’s heart. But, is it her true wish?

There are many other manga that has similar story, like Akuma to Dolce? This one is kinda funny though. Please visit Aerandria to download it.

My Rating: chick327


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