Oshioki Shaman Musume

Oshioki_Shaman_Musume_p003Shinno Meguru, age 15, never realize that he’s been chased by evil spirit. One night, a monster showed up in his room taking the face of his classmate, Nima. He’s someone Shinno can’t really remember because he’s a loner. He turns into 14 cat demons and chase him.
In a flash, a girl comes inside and slashes them. She is Hatamoto Mika, a monk and a new transferred student at Shinno’s class today. The sexy monk traveled from places to cure peole. You see, when somebody get cursed he would feels sick, as if everything’s hard and heavy inside. But, as soon as the evil devastated, he’d feel free as light as before.

This is a one shot project scanlated by snoopy cool. Be sure to check his site : snoopycool ok?

My Rating: chicchick327


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