i26473Toya loves her mother’s ramen. But, since she’s hospitalized, he can not enjoy it. The matsuri is coming and they’re supposed to have fun together. It makes him sad. When he walks along the matsuri road, he meets a young lazy man with a ramen booth. He cooks badly.

Toya helps him with this. Yeah, since his mother’s away, he’s been responsibled in cooking at home. Knowing his skills, Toya is persuaded to get into this ramen business. However, his partner, that good-for-nothing Makimura Narumi spends all their profit for sake. Uuh…that pisses Toya off. How can an adult be so irresponsible?
Toya’s ramen would have to go far to find it’s unique special taste while at the same time educating Narumi to the life of adult.

My Rating: chick218


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