Kin-Iro no Cordo

i58043Hino Kahoko is just an ordinary high school student until she meets Lily, the music fairy. Her life’s changing now. She’s forced to join the music competition at school. There are other 5 competitors, but they’re all coming from music major. Kahoko is depressed. Lily gives her a magical violin so that she can participate.

Music is a universal language to distribute happiness. So, anyone is supposed to be able to play music unless he/she’s not happy. There’s no other way for Kahoko but fight with her best!

Funny, I heard about the anime long time ago before I finally see this tankoubon. It seems like La Corda d’Oro comes from popular musical game. The anime was quite amusing, as well. As you can expect from a musical show, the soundtracks are amazing.

Yuki Kure sensei draws soft pictures. However, I-sometimes- find it’s hard to distinguish the sex of the characters. Girl may look masculine and boy could be so feminine. I think she fails to bring out the basic character of human. I mean, no matter how beautiful a boy is, he should come with masculine side so people can recognize his sexuality.
Well, the main characters are strong, so if we can move aside the supporting characters (which has ambiguity in sex, like Yunoki), everything’s perfect!

Download is available at Kaito Zero or Alice Dream

My Rating: chick327


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