Heureka_p000aIt was on 216 BC at Italian Peninsula when the historical battle between Roman and Chartaginian began. There was a great general named Hannibal. His tactic allowed Cartaginian to win over Roman who has more man power. When an army takes over a place, things shift. In Syracuse (Sicily), Roman people were killed, even though they were born and grown up in that land.
A young Spartan, Damippos, was happened to encounter that situation. His friend, Claudia, was now a deserter since her parents are Roman. Damippos would try everything to save her…

Well, this is not fun or amusing. It’s like reading the history book. Too many dialogues and stiff drawing. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like Roman history.
Nah, you can download it from illuminati manga or aoshi

My Rating: chick218


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