Captain Kid

The notorious pirates, Captain Drake, has passed away. i58781Rumors said that he owned a map for unbelievable treasure. However, the map is torn apart. one side belonged to Visconti, the cruel pirate. And the other goes to Captain Kid, Drake’s son.
One day, Kid encounter a woman in chase. Her name is Romi Maribel. Kid falls in love instantly with that beauty. As he saves her from the chaser, Kid welcomes Romi on his ship. But, Romi is only soft in the face, she’s actually Visconti’s subordinate who sent to get the piece map. This is a declared war from the enemy and Kid must not escape!

I read this manga when I was in junior high. Wow! I feel so old. ha ha
Now that I reread it I find some bundlers. Yeah, about the art, it’s rough. And the dialogues are long but sometimes they has no continuity.  It’s weird reading it.
well, Uno sensei must be a beginner back then. Captain Kid was like a compilation of one shots Kid stories. Sometimes the one shot was too early to end.
I’m not satisfied, so this manga only worth….chick12


3 thoughts on “Captain Kid

  1. Hm, not sure if you read the entire series, but I quite liked it and the art was pretty incredible later on. I loved how they traveled all over the world and even how they highlighted some of the dishes you could eat in different places, and I’ve yet to see a comic book do this again, almost like a travelogue.

    1. you’re right, I haven’t finish reading it. Well, actually I don’t really remember whether I finished it or not. lol. Perhaps I should read it again.
      Dishes? hmmm

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