Akatsuki no Aria

i58308It’s been years since I read the last piece of Michiyo Akaishi’s. Now, I decided to try a new one. Nothing really improved from her drawing. She’s still bad at drawing face from the side. haha. This time, Akaishi sensei writes about music. The main protagonist is Aria Kaibara, a girl with such a talent, but unfortunate roots of blood. She was born from a geisha mother and yet has not been acknowledge by her father’s family. Though his father, Nishimikado, loves her so much, somehow she doesn’t fit in. Aria gets accepted in elite Tokyo Music School and soon captivated Shirayuki sensei’s heart. Her step sister, Nishimikado Ayako, feels threathened for all the attention given to Aria. She starts bulliying her. on the other side, Natsuo Nishimikado, Ayako’s brother is Aria’s first love. How would she be able to calm her feeling toward him?

Download is available at Starry heaven

My Rating:chick327


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