Tenku no Hasha Z

This is from the mangaka who wrote Captain Kid. Uwooo….it’s like years ago. And I still recognize the drawing. 🙂


Well, this time Tenma Ryuzaki is the main protagonist. The over enthusiastic japanese boy is the main actor of Pepper Flying Circus. This time they have to perform in Berlin. However, Tenma meets a beautiful lady, Angelina, and helps her. Unfortunately that girl only bring luck and …a deadly adventure for them. She’s been chased by Nazi and taken away to secret bunker.

Tenma and his best friend Wer are also captured. Inside they find the latest weapon named Z. It’s a superfantastic aeroplane with sophisticated machine. The anti Nazi is going to use it to take down Hitler. Tenma, Wer and Angelina are trapped in the midle of the war.

My Rating:chick327


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