Natsukashi Machi no Rozione

This is a beautiful story about a girl who wants to be an adult and let go all her childhood. i47247But, that’s a wrong method. She’s living alone in an apartment after her parents had to move to another city for work. She throw all childish stuff thinking that it would make her mature. However, when she return home, she finds a kid inside her room. Annoyed and frustated, she tries to ask him go, but he keeps coming back. He says his name is Rozione.

Rozione brings her childish joy and opens her heart. Now, she understand that being an adult doesn’t mean she has to cut everything from her past. She is what she is today thanks to her childhood experience, right?

Everybody is trying to find way to grow up. We can see people taking extreme way like wearing glamorous cloth, put more make up and join notorious gang. It’s just the way to understand yourself. For some people it means going out of the line and face new challenge. But, I think the most lucky person is the one who can feel the breath of nature and think deeply without damaging anything, not him or anybody else, to realize his true self. Yeah, it does take time. But, hey isn’t that the reason we’re still living? to answer the question of we are and what we’re suppose to do. The book contains of 4 stories. download is available at storm in heaven

My Rating: chick327


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