Mei Chan no Shitsuji

Mei-chan_no_Shitsujia 13 years old Mei has never dreamt of becoming a lady. But, as her parents died in accident, a man called himself her butler shows up. His name is Rihito and he claims to be the servant for Hongo Family, the wealth where her father belonged. It seems like her father run away with her mom and disbanded from heritage.


Now that she’s alone, her grandpa wants to take care of her. However, being a member of Hongo Family is not easy. She can no longer pursue normal life and endanger everyone she loves, especially Rihito who she gradually grows feeling. So, Mei is transfered to the most prestigious All Lady dormitory school, Saint Lucia. Here she gets another challenge: to live like a noble woman. Can Mei make it?

Moshi….If only I read the manga before watching the dorama, I would hate the live action. well, the manga is well developed. The art is excelent. It looks like the combination between Ikeyamada Go and Mayu Shinjo. Cute!




My rating: chick419


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