In the year of 1112, Sung Dynasty, the story is taking place. It was the time when the country became rotten thanks to corrupt’s government, a group of thieves are widely known. The chivalrous thieves “Taiten Gyoudou” is the name. It appears in the form of a careless boy named Taisho. He’s incredibly strong and easily punish bad people using his big sword.

Taitengyoudou is trying to make the world a better place. Is it possible to do so merely by using power?
I’m officially love this manga. The character of Taisho is cool and funny. He makes me laugh. I think he resembles me in some points. hua ha ha . No…not the part of strong, but the crazy personality.
And what about the art? Wow, it’s superb! Amano sensei is surely a genius.

You HAVE to read it! it’s cool.
You can find it on mangahelpers.com

My Rating: chick419


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