Tokyo 80s

Tokyo80s_v01_c001_p002It’s already 20 years since Junpei hears about his colleage friends. Now, he’s good job at tv station and everything works well except for the relationship with his wife. She has become cold for the last 5 years of their marriage. Junpei is in stressed, he couldn’t bare of going out and trying to seduce new woman.

Tokyo80s_v01_c002_p045But suddenly, a girl from the past gives him a call. Ai Morishita, the one who cheated on test next to him. She’s also the one who offer to sleep with him in return for him sealing the secret. Yeah, she is the first for him. No matter how hurt the experience was, Junpei’s beating so hard jumping to the past. In year of 80’s….

Please visit oishi manga for download.

My rating:chick327


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