[Strays]Companion_v01_c001_003-004What happen after you die? Well, Mako can tell you. She was just hit by a truck on her way home, then everything looks weird. She finds herself in various place and hard to remember things. An old man and a girl her age showed in front of her telling her that she’s dead. They are companions.

Companions are those who lead the dead through the gate of dead world. You see, when you dead, you stuck in the world between. You need a guidance to get through. Though, they take her to see her funeral, Mako can’t accept it. She’d just gathered courage to tell Hayato about her feeling and now she has to leave?’s too painful. Champion is availble for download at strays .

I just opened my file last saturday and found this manga stuck in. It seems like I’ve downloaded it long time ago. The drawing is nice and the cleaner is good (thanks to Strays). I wouldn’t mind if it’s shoujo manga anyway. Death story is not always dark, right? So, this one worthchick419


What do you think?

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