this is another project by rycolaa scanlation. I never thought they’d do something like this, because it’s so weird. It’s just another gag manga. It’s not their style, but here we go.

Choku! - 001 p03Choku is talking about a girl named Serika who has low level of social norm. Nao is her victim. She thinks that Nao is her boyfriend and always sneaks him everywhere, including to the toilet. Nao is a sweet loner. He has cute face that everytime Serika sees him, it makes her nose bleed. However, Serika’s stupid attitude invites Nao into new level of socialization. He doesn’t feel alone anymore.

I’m trying so hard to read the first chapter, but because it’s so stupid, I won’t read the rest. The main idea is that every body have someone who think of you. So, don’t bother being a loner, you have your place in this world, even though among the freak.

My Rating:chick12


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