maou-juvenile remix

i50579Ando is a very weird boy. He thinks too much and sometimes that thought spit out unconsciously. He had the experience of being different and isolated, that’s why he started to strain himself. No attracting other’s attention, try to be as low profile as he could, Ando thought he can live his high school life peacefully. But, whenever someone bullied, his heart beats so fast. He has this inner conflict and it pulls out his supernatural power. He has the power of ventriloquism that he can turn his thought into words by the mean of someone else’s mouth. Being assertive is not easy. I think that’s the whole reason why people get bullied. Because they lack the ability to fight back. Is that kind of life is a life? Fighting is the proof of living. I quote it from the song in Tenimyu Dream Live 4th. Everybody is given the same right to lead their happiness. But, that goal must be fought to. You create your own future. If you just leave it to the fate, then you’re similar with the leaf blew away from tree: powerless and victimized. Are going to be victim when you have the same right with everyone around?

My Rating: chick218


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