sakuranIn the red district no 3, Kiyoha is a famous prostitue. Not only because of her fine look but also because of her strong willed and harsh words. She was brought into the business when she was small. After trying to escape time to time, she realize that she could never see the outside world any more.

Being stubborn and careless, young Kiyoha received punishment other girls never had before. However, that builds her character. She becomes a strong woman who seems like nothing can tackle her. Unfortunately, every heart would beat in the name of love. During her growth of becoming female prostite, she also grows a feeling to a man. When love gets deeper, so does hatred. That’s the rule in boarding house.

Please visit to download the scanlation. I couldn’t remember when I downloaded this manga. It must be a year ago. Recently I saw the trailer of sakuran movie where Anna Tsuchiya, Narimiya Hiroki and Masanobu Ando bring the manga into live action. It looked amazing, so I started to look over my old files and here we go. However, its hard to understand the manga. is it because of the term the author use or the translation or even the panel drew. It’s quite confusing, so I suggest for you to just watch the movie version.


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