Maki just start her first day as assistant in game shop. i56370She likes game and her boss is cool, too. But, what about those three stupid men who play card out loud in the corner? They’re absolutely otakus. As they keeps bugging her, the boss says that Maki shouldn’t pay attention to them. Well, how’s that possible? One of the guy even asks her to get married. Geez, they’re so disgusting. The boss finally reveal their identity. It’s a shocking news for Maki to heard that those three freaks own the place. whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

I’m definitely not going to read the second chapter ( It runs for at least 26 chapters, only 1 volume, though). The story is too stupid to follow, plus the art is way far from amazing. But, if you’re curious, you can find the scanlation on illuminati-manga and maximum7.


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