Momoko Manual

i9797Momoko joins Magic Club merely because she thinks Oshitari is the one meant for her. While actually, he’s just an eccentric guy who loves magic too much.

On the other hand, Honjou, her childhood friend hates her so much. He used to see her real form when they were little. He’s now doing everything to piss her up.
Momoko uses glasses to prevent her real identity revealed. The truth is that she belongs to witch family. Her father (human) says that the glasses cover her true form: cat. if she leaves them, she could use her power undeterminably and in the end she turns into cat. Only the one meant for her should see that.

This is another stupid story from the collection of my friend. Geez, if anyone read stupid things too much, she might become stupider, as well, right?

You can get this manga from Ivyscan & Fate

My Rating: chick12


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