Grand Sun

Asahi is the outstanding student of bodyguard school. One day she’s assigned to guard the rich boy, Kisaragi Sakuya.i426671

He’s a genious who full of himself. Like many rich guy, he was raised with money but not compassion. He’s lonely and most of the time caught in his own defence mechanism.

However, Asahi’s presence changes many thing. She’s bright and cheerful. She puts a smile on his face gradually. Can this girl be the sun for Sakuya’s dull’s life?

Download is available here:

Manga Abyss

Midnight Scans

Shoujo Crusade

It’s a typical Emura’s story where the heroine is a super girl who thought she could conquer the world. However, she’s just like us. Sometimes she play tough just to make sure no body worry about her.

I love this kind of character. But, in the other hand, I’m so fed up with the plot . So I can only give chick327


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