Shin Prince of Tennis


Ryoma and Seigaku regulars are back! After winning national competition, the top players are invited for U-17 candidate selection camp for 3 days. They have to compete with other genius tennis player from High School to get 250 seats in The High School Representatives Selection Camp. It’s the place for elites only. Ryoma who went to America is called back.

In the new series, Ryoma has to beat the High School players. I don’t think there would be many differences from the old Tenipuri where Ryoma always won. Kinda bored, actually, but it’s ok. I already miss the series so much and now I can see Momo chan again.


My Rating: chick58

The series has already scanned by JAC. You can also read it on mangashare


7 thoughts on “Shin Prince of Tennis

  1. Even though I just finished reading the chapters that’re released, I didn’t understand everything. Now I’ve got a little more understanding of what’s going on, thanks^^

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