Love Chop

Mitsuba Academy is a private school with flexibility in education system and method. They accept students from any kinds of background no matter how special they are. So, it won’t be too surprising if you find a girl whose arm can fly by itself. Yeah, here Mame Hiragi is never being an object for laboratory. Instead, she blends quickly like normal human. But, is she actually?i11871

Cute cover. That’s what I thought when I saw this book. But, when I read the first chapter, I can’t help being dizzy. The story goes too scrambled so it’s hard to understand. I think Morio sensei wants to show us how shocking it is when you know Mami for the first time. Seriously, the dialogues are mess and the panels are confusing. But, when I got to the next chapter, the plot has flown to more neat and systematic flow. And I like the idea.

Everybody has burden they have to carry. Sometimes, when it gets too heavy, it’s good to call for help. You have to know your limit. Otherwise you’ll suck into darkness by yourself. And believe me, if you search in the right place, help is always available.

My rating: chick327


7 thoughts on “Love Chop

  1. I also LOVE this manga! I don’t really like the 1st volume actually, but I’m in love with the 2nd volume. Actually, I’m in love with Kaori Itobe x Kazumi Hiragi pairing! *sigh. They are SOOO CUTE together. I really wish there will be at least one more extra story about them… The pairing can be elaborated more and I’m sure it will be interesting. I rarely find any pairing like KaorixKazumi -if only there are more mangas with characters like Kaori and Kazumi out there…

    @ dane : I’ve been looking for the online version too, but I don’t think there’s any. T-T

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