Saikyoou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu

It started with a girl’s dream. It infected a bunch of boys she trained. Now, after years, the boys reunite in Aoizaka High School to make the dream come true. Sugiwara Suzuo, the girl is now coaching the lame aoizaka baseball club. It seems like dreaming of getting into Koshien is an utophy. But, as Kitarou Kitaoji, Shinnosuke Shibata, Kotetsu Kobayashi, Masaharu Matsukata and Ukyo Umemiya join the club the sun might shines away. They are aces from their junior High and now they team up once again.
What should I say, this is typical baseball manga. We had enough of them, right?
Regarding the plot, it seems like Suzou is the heroine here and those 5 little boys are the secret admirer. It’s like having sister complex, right? They like Suzuo because she’s nice and beautiful, even though they know (I suppose they understand) they could not be with her. they want to protect her and grab her the goal. Is this some kind of a boy’s childish dream, ha? This is obviously not love.
The art is nothing extraordinary. It’s ok for a male mangaka. and I must noted thatTanaka sensei is suck at drawing of propotional woman.

My Rating: chick218


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