Mahoutsukanai ni Taisetsuna Koto Taiyou to Kaze no sakamichi

i32826Born as a witch is a burden for Nami. She’s definitely not talented in the field. No matter how small it is, the magic always fails. That’s why she’s in dilemma. Government sets that 19 years old witches may play the trick only if they have license. It means that you can choose to make it a living. Is it going to be the same path for Nami, too? Her father pushes her so much never accepting that she woun’t be a good witch.

She loves photography. She likes taking picture. She never told anyone about it except for Tominaga, the class mate. Her first encounter with him was a terrible experience. Nami was taking a picture when Tominaga passed with his motorcycle which almost hit her. The vehicle broke and when Nami tried to fix it with the magic, it got worse. But, behind his cynical attitude, Tominaga is a tender person. Nami’s problem add up. She thinks she’s in love with him.

How does this 18 years old witch-never-want-to-be deal with her youth? Just the read the manga.

What amaze me is the very long title. I don’t speak Japanese, so it’s very hard to memorize title. “Mahoutsukanai ni Taisetsuna Koto Taiyou to Kaze no sakamichi”…wow

When I thought about witch, I imagine action fantasy things, but this is quite down to earth. It shows the humanity side of a witch. Like any of us, a witch is a human, too. She could have problem as much as youngster. If you put away the witch attribute, this manga is only about high school life. Yamada sensei makes it so….USUAL.

My Rating: chick218


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