Usotsuki Voice

i21780Lost confidence of her appearance, Nami works on masculine voice that suits her tomboyish figure. She lets her twin sister, Mina, plays the feminine part. This voice acting talent is recognized by their uncle, Hokuto, a game maker. He asks Nami to dubs for the heroine characters, detective Omega. Surprisingly, the game becomes hit and fans asking her to show herself in public. Nami asks Mina to replace her on stage. But, Kazune Tojo, the seiyuu (voice dubber) who fill the part of Kei (Omega’s partner) recognizes her right away. He has absolute pitch that able to differentiate voices directly and precisely. On that performance day, Mina falls from the stage. Could this be the way to get rid of that popular seiyuu? Nami and Tojo work together to crack the case.

This is another detective story from Morino sensei. As you can see, it’s definitely Yuki and Haruko, right?
My Rating:chick218


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