Minna no Doubutsuen

Izumi is a new employee at the Midori Zoo. Adapting is not easy sina8168-4ce her new co workers are unique people: Yoshiro Nogi who seems so authoritarian; Ippei Yoshida who always underestimate her; and Kei Hibino who never cares about other. But, all of them are dedicated to work and love animal so much.

There are so many things Izumi never heard or learn in her post graduate time, and now she needs to learn more. Experience does beat any text book. You can’t learn how to feel in the class. You have to touch, talk and see by yourself.

It’s a good read. I never knew that professionals do such dirty work. I mean, here when you talk about professional is the one with suit and tie. But, the one who does the job is the real professional. Kurosawa sensei also draws nice animal drawings.

I especially love Jiro, an Akita Dog who found by Yoshida on his way home. He’s big and cute. I’m talking about the dog, here, minna… Well, this 2 volumes manga worthchick327


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