One day, Haru is happened to get weird fish in the river. It has 4 legs, a round head and a nose. His sister, Catleya, says that it could be a dog. Haru has never seen a creature like this harubefore because he never leaves the island for the rest of his life. Yeah, it has been like this since his father went missing when he was so little. But, the dog (later known to be named Plue) opens his mind of the big world.

History wrote that Demon Card, an evil organization who uses Dark Bring (Powerful wicked stone) has been trying to take over the world. But, their will has never been granted because Rave Master is always fighting them. Rave is the only sacred stone which can fight Dark Bring. 50 years ago, Shiba is the only Rave master, but he failed to vanish and seal the Dark Bring. As the result, Rave spread to all over the world. Now that the Demon Card is getting stronger, he needs to recollect the Rave Stone to fight them again.

Shiba is old and weak. He can no longer use the power of Rave. When Haru touch the Ten Commandments, a sword using rave stone power, it responds. Haru can use Rave to fight Demon Card men who pursue Shiba. It means that Rave has chosen Haru has the second Rave master. And this means that he has to leave the island to collect Rave stone, like his father 15 years ago.

You can go to ATM or Dragon Guard Scanlations to download this manga.You can also read it online at manga fox

My Rating: chick327


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