Monster Soul

There was a big war between human and monster long time ago. From the monster side, Black Airs is the notorious powerful army consists of 5 monsters: Aki (diawolf), Mami (Mummy), Tooran (Golem), James (Frankenstein) and Joba (Onion).

Now that both human and monster live separately and promise never interfere each other’s territory, Black Airs lead peaceful time. But, there are always disturbance to their happy life. First the three head monster looking for Aki to get revenge, then a young human prince who search for his people. Both sides build prejudice about each other and that make things easy to get boiled. But, Black Airs dream of having monster and human live peacefully side by side. Can it become reality?

Comparing to other Mashima sensei’s work, this manga is quite short. It’s only 2 volumes. Focusing on monster’s life, Mashima sensei shows us his specialty in bringing scary creature into funny form. It’s absolutely humorous, adventurous and amusing.

Please visit a willful muse or franky house for downloading this manga.

My rating: chick327


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