Michibata no Tenshi


On that windy cold winter, Catrew run away from her pursuers and saved by Tequila Ark. The Ark family consists of 5 acrobat players even though they’re not blood related. Tired of her running, Catrew feels at peace as The Ark welcome her warmly. She’s even interested in acrobatic and wish to join the acrobat school in the village. Yes, this place is well known for acrobat players and tmichibata-02hey are all dream of performing in the palace.

Despite her innocent look, Catrew hides big pain. Her parents were killed and she had been running for he last 2 years. It’s all because of a sacred book she’s been carried all the way. None knows how the book came to Catrew while it supposed to belong to the Royal family, Vroschamp. Feeling deceived and humiliated, that family hunts her like a dog to get their pride back.
What is it about the book anyway? What kind of power lies in it?

I always like Emura’s art style. She draws beautifully. On the contrary, the story needs more dramatic scenes. I think she had put great effort in making it funny, but it loosen the drama touch. I mean I cried reading Paradise Union (the last parts). However, I can’t feel the touch here. I hope the story would be improved as the volume up (I just read the first volume).

K2less is working on the scanlation.

My Rating: chick218


4 thoughts on “Michibata no Tenshi

  1. Hi! I love this manga…basically I love ALL Emura’s manga. Paradise Union, W Juliet, W Juliet 2, and many others 🙂 The boy character is always sooo handsome XD
    Thanks for the info. Though it’s a bit hard to find Michibata no Tenshi’s scanlation, I’m happier now to find that this book is published in my country XD

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