Issho ni Ofuro

i29895Sana meets that guy recently when she’s waiting for her brother in the ofuro (Public Bath). He’s been a silent companion. Now that Sana take a better look, he’s kinda cute. Yes, they never talk, but it’s enough to make her heart beat fast. The more they meet, the more the feeling grows. It seems like Kandagawa. You know, it’s a song about couple who wait for each other in ofuro.  Yeah, it’s pretty romantic. But, Sana never know that Mako, her best friend, also has a crush on him. Sana is in dilemma. Despite of telling her feeling, she decides to support Mako.
Ahhh….Kandagawa ka? So, that’s what Yuu Shirota (DBoys) talked about in Saturday Night Chubaw (I watch it about 2 years ago). He mentioned that if he had girl friend, he would take her to ofuro. Then, after the bath, they would wait for each other outside. When I heard that for the first time, I thought it was so simple. Now, I know the reason, he wants to be romantic like the song. Sou ka….
We don’t have public bath like in Japan, so I hardly understand. Not to mention that waiting could so amazing. I think the main point is what she/he thinks while waiting. She/he must be thinking of the love one. That what makes it so romantic…
AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh I want the lyric!!!!

My Rating: chick327


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