Shinsegumi imon Peacemaker

Seeing his parents’ killed in front of his eyes, Tetsunosuke decides to take revenge. But, first he has to be stronger. That’s why he’s applying to be Shinsegumi’s warrior. Unfortunately, he’s rejected due to his small posture. They think he’s just a brat.shinsegumi

Well, he’s already 15, you know? Even Okita Souji, the famous Shinsegumi’s warrior started killing at 9. Well, Tetsu is very persistent. He keeps asking and then he finally had a chance to fight Okita. If he wins, they’ll let him join the force. Of course he won’t, but Hijikata, the vice leader takes him as his servant. Being a servant means he couldn’t fight as samurai. Tetsu hates Hijikata for it. But, it was before he knows how terrible to kill someone….

Shinsegumi is a famous force during 1853-1867. The conflicts between Bakufu and the shougunate are getting harsh each day. Killing is a right for a samurai. I think we could see how shift happens toward everyone involved in killing method. Yes, their hands slash on enemy’s head, but they heart is actually stabbed too. The more they kill, the more they stiff, to the point they can hardly feel human emotion. They must have to struggle psychological disorder, those samurai are. ~_~

My Rating: chick323


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