Shiawase Ikura de Kaemasu ka?

On the day of Kiri’s grandmother’s funeral, a man named Shiina appeared in front of her. He claimed to be indebt with the late mother and according to the inheritance, Shiina is supposed to take care Kiri until the time he could clear all debt.shiawase

They start living together ever since. Despite of his dirty and stupid look, Shiina is actually a genius violist who made a debut CD when he was 13. Living with him is full of surprise Kiri never expected before. Thanks to him, Kiri is hardly feeling lonely. Hey, could this feeling grow into love?

I’ve read some story with similar plot, so this manga is nothing’s special. What we can learn from that kind of story is sad time is the weakest condition a girl could have, so she could easily receive man’s help (whatever the hidden agenda that guy might has). lol. So, be careful, girls!

You can go to shoujo crusade or a willful muse for downloading this manga.

My Rating: chick327


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