kickMinami is in assertive girl who would do anything to get friends. She’s often get used because of that. One day, a new student transferred to her class. Her name is Ageha. She’s the opposite of Minami. She’s smart, beautiful and straight. She refuses other’s help so none ever ask return. Minami learns to express her true feeling from Ageha.

Well, being assertive is not easy for some people. The need of having companion may be even bigger than your own happiness. I think it’s stupid to follow everybody’s order just to get them close. They say, you need to give first before getting anything. But, if you get trouble and none helping you, then none of them is your true friend. Friend is giving without asking in return.

It’s a simple story, however, I think it’s very important for many young girls. Kick it out, gals!

My Rating:chick218


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