Jitsuroku! Kangofu Monogatari

nurse1Kai is a dedicated nurse. In her work, she has to deal with many kinds of patients. She has to use great skill and calm mind to tame them. Sick people tend to over reacting. It could make the illness worse. Kai calmly and logically explain the situation a patient face so she/he can get through it to the point of healthy condition. It’s tough. And sometimes her colleagues also make it harder. But, no matter what happen this is Kai’s job and she’s doing it with heart. I thought it’s going to be a comedy, but it surpass to the level spooky.

The manga consists of short stories about Kai’s experience on her work as a nurse. Hospital is such a horror places that patients and nurses tend to imagine scary things. So, rather than having fresh and healthy mind, they could see things they shouldn’t or hallucinating worse.

When I read this, and I thought, “Oooo that’s the reason..” There are so many things that can be explained logically if we just want to chew it slowly. The problem is hospital IS Spooky and many horror movies portray that place as the horrible scene. It’s obvious that the image gets through to us and we start thinking badly of hospital. Prejudice…my friend…

My Rating: chick327


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