Ichi pound no Fukuin

Hatanaka have thonepoundgospel1_500e strong fist that makes his coach dream someday he could conquer the world of boxing. But, after the debut, he lost 4 times in 5 fights. He’s far from dependable person. His biggest enemy is his low self restrain. He couldn’t stop himself from eating all the time. That’s why he barely makes it to the great fight with excellent stamina. Every time his coach preaches on him, he runs to Sister Angela to confess the sin. However, it’s just an excuse he makes to be able to see that beautiful sister. Nah, what kind of future waiting for this under determination guy?

This is such an old manga. It has been mentioned in some popular manga (like ‘Aegis in the Dark’) before I knew that the manga is actually exist (silly me..ha ha ha). I’ve read some boxing manga (Punch, Hajime no Ippo), but this one give different kind of comedy. He’s too short minded as a boxer. He never listens and hates taking lesson from past mistake. Yeah, he’s stupid. And that what makes him so funny.
As I remember, this manga has been made into dorama with Kame playing that stupid boxer. Man, Kame must be really convenience for this part. I haven’t watch it yet (because I thought it would be boring to see Kame in boxing gloves), but I think I should start looking for the DVD now!

Anyway this manga worth chick327. The story is great, but the art needs more development.

You can go to Freelance manga for downloading this manga. Manga project also working on this on.


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