None ever go out of the island before, except for Kakashi’s father. He was a wanderer till he died ii23317n a country far away. He left a journal for Kakashi saying how big the world is. Persuaded after reading the journal every single day, Kakashi tried many things to travel. Finally, he had his chance when a luxurious space ship passes the island. He grabs the rope and sneak into the baggage’s lounge. That’s where he meets Toto, a puppy who soon become his best friend. Mean while, on the passenger lounge, Man Chicken Family is hijacking the ship. Every passenger is pushed to the sea leaving their jewelries and money. Can you imagine how angry they are to find Kakashi in the ship? Kakashi bargains for his life and recruited to be a slave on the bandits’ way home.

Unfortunately, just when he’s about to find clue about world, the ship is bombarded by military. They’re looking for something left in the ship. Kakashi and the puppy abandoned the burn vehicle and make it to the land. The land journey is about to begin, but first they need something to eat. Lucky, they see a bento on the street. Caught in hunger, they eat it. Finding someone ate her bento, Dorothy, is very angry. Kakashi and his puppy hide behind a rock. However, Toto feels guilty and finds her a corn to make it up. Soon, the military sniffs of them and tries to take Toto. Dorothy beats them all and runs away with the two travelers.
The adventure of Kakashi and the super puppy, Toto, is going to be a long and tough one, can they make it?

I think the main idea that Osada sensei wants to reveal here is the meaning of family. You don’t need to have blood related to be a family. You just need to trust each other and having the feeling of protection. Yeah, the topic is quiet well known, but to find it in bandits’ family feels deeper than in normal family.
So, for you who love adventure drama manga, this is cute!

The story is only 5 volume. Try it!

My Rating: chick327


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